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B’nai Zion High Holy Day Schedule 5782


          8:00 PM Saturday Evening, August 28 on Zoom
                  S'lichot experience including: Short movie, Havdalah, and S'lichot readings

Rosh HaShanah (In-Person with Masks; on YouTube no log-in)

Evening: 7:30 PM Monday, September 6 in Lefkowitz Hall and on YouTube
Morning: Service: 10 AM Tuesday, September 7 in Lefkowitz Hall and on YouTube
Children: Service: 11:30 Tuesday, September 7 outside: meet in front of B'nai Zion
      We will blow the SHOFAR

Drive-by SHOFAR Blast: 11:30 Tuesday, September 7 front driveway of B'nai Zion      

Tashlich Ceremony

6:00 PM at the Stoner Avenue Boat Launch. CLICK HERE for more details.
     We will have special duck/fish/turtle food to toss, or bring bread.
     We will hear the SHOFAR too!

Shabbat Shuvah (In-Person with Masks; on YouTube no log-in)

          Evening: 6:00 PM Friday, September 10 at B'nai Zion and on YouTube
                Oneg Shabbat after service on Zoom
          Torah Study: 9:45 AM Saturday, September 11 on Zoom
          Morning Worship: 11:00 AM Saturday, September 11 on Zoom

Yom Kippur (In Lefkowitz Hall with masks; on YouTube no log-in)
All words are on-screen. PDF copies of the Slideshows of the Prayerbook/Machzor for each service can be found HERE.

          Kol Nidre / Yom Kippur Evening: 7:30 PM Wednesday, September 15 on YouTube
          Morning: 10:00 AM Thursday, September 16 on YouTube
          Children Service: 11:30 AM Thursday, September 16 (Hear the SHOFAR)
          Study Session: 1-2 PM on Zoom - Helaine and Rabbi Jana lead a High Holy Day Discussion
          Afternoon Service: 2:30 PM Thursday, September 16 on YouTube
          Memorial Service: 3:45 PM Thursday, September 16 on YouTube
          Concluding Service: 4:30 PM Thursday, September 16 on YouTube
          SHOFAR Blast outside: Approximately 5:15 PM


Monday evening September 20 through Tuesday, September 21
          Decorate Sukkah at B'nai Zion: 5:00 PM Sunday evening, September 19

Simchat Torah:

 Consecration, Sukkot Shabbat, Simchat Torah, Bat Mitzvah and Shabbat Service:
            6 PM Friday, September 24


There will be more details in the announcements, emails, calls, and online.

CLICK HERE to request Absence Note for school to attend Rosh HaShanah &/or Yom Kippur services.

Tickets are not required to attend services. In-person services require masks.

No log-in required to watch services on YouTube.

Color coding is to help find specific events. Everyone is invited to all events. Some events will include more than one thing (for example: outdoor shofar blast that is family friendly)

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyar 5782