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Prayerbook Bookplate Donation

B'nai Zion is now using Mishkan T'filah
for Shabbat services.
To make a donation to have a Bookplate put into the front of a prayerbook in memory of or honor of a person or event, please complete this form:

If you are a congregant, we recommend signing in to your account on the ShulCloud member portal BEFORE you complete this form. Once logged in, you can access payment methods already associated with your account or add the billing to your account. You can log in using the link in the upper-right of your screen.

The Bookplate will look something like:

In Honor of 
Rabbi Jana for her birthday from Her family


In Loving Memory of
Avraham Avinu from Kathy Plante

Note that there is a FOR and a FROM. Please include that information here: 
Honoring or Remembering:
Dedication is From:

Dedication Notification:
If you would like someone to receive a notification that you have made a donation, please include their details here:

{Note: if they are a member of B'nai Zion we should have this information on file. If you are a logged-in member, you should be able to find the information in the Member Directory.}
Please write the name(s) of who receives a notification of this dedication
Please write the email address of who receives a notification of this dedication
Address information for person to receive the notification of the dedication:
Include Apartment number, etc.

($36 minimum per bookplate)
You can also request a different type of donation than in Honor of or in Memory of. Explain what you want - with details - here, to have an alternate type of wording.
Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyar 5782