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Donations to B'nai Zion

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Thank you for considering making a donation to B'nai Zion Congregation.  Our only source of income is the donations from members and other "friends" of B'nai Zion. There are a variety of ways that donations can be made. Click the links below for information or forms to make donations.

There are many funds at B'nai Zion that you may choose from to help serve our needs. You can choose to contribute to "General Fund" which is used for most expenses, or wherever it is needed. See below for descriptions of other funds.

Most donations can be made by using the Donations/Payments page. However, some donations require special information, and therefore need a special form to submit. Use the links below to access the donation type you want.

*If you are a member, please log-in before making donations, to ensure that your contribution is linked to your account.

Choose the Fund / Use the Payment Form

Payments/Donations can be made either on specific forms, or on a "drop-down" form.
For donations/payments made on specific forms, CLICK HERE

This is a list of all funds at B'nai Zion.
** DONATIONS THAT REQUIRE SPECIAL FORMS are indicated with ** before their names.
Most payments, pledges, and donations can be made at the Donation/Payments page

To learn how to use the Donate or Pay page, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to make a DONATION, use the Donation/Payments page for the donation, the dedication ("in honor of," "in memory of," etc.), fund choice, and payment (or sometimes deferred or scheduled payments).

Here is a brief explanation of each fund at B'nai Zion:

Board Discretionary Fund: Special non-budgeted needs at Board's Discretion

Brotherhood Donations: Men's Club/Brotherhood of B'nai Zion donations

** Brotherhood Dues: Dues to be a member of the B'nai Zion Men's Club/Brotherhood. Use THIS form to pay
      Brotherhood dues for the year. 

Building and Grounds Fund: Repair and upkeep of the building and landscaping

Cemetery Fund: Upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of the cemeteries

Endowment Fund: Investment in the future of B'nai Zion Congregation

** Flower Fund: Help fund flowers that adorn our services. Names can be read to honor/remember.
     Information and the form can be found HERE.

** Foundation Fund: Capital improvements necessary to maintain the building. Find the special Form HERE

General Fund: Wherever it is needed most

Henry S. Jacobs Camp Fund: Donations for scholarships to our Regional URJ camp

L'dor Vador Fund: Special Projects and Events (in honor of Helaine Braunig)

Library Fund: Maintain the B'nai Zion Library 

** Memorial Plaques: Have a plaque that will be lit to honor the memory of your loved one
     Information and the form can be found HERE.

Music Fund: Musician Salaries, Instruments, New Music, Special Performances

Oneg Shabbat Fund: Provide refreshments for gathering after services

** Prayerbook Bookplate Donation Form: Bookplate for new Shabbat prayerbooks to honor or remember.
     Information and the form can be found HERE.

Prayerbook and Torah Book Fund: Varies with need, such as new prayerbooks or Torah Books

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: Tzedakah needs as the Rabbi deems appropriate

Religious School Donations: Education Scholarships, supplies, projects, events, or equipment

Renovation Fund: Modifications to B'nai Zion building

Sallye Schuster Meditation Garden Fund: Gardening for the Meditation Garden in the Back of the Building

Scholarship Fund: Assistance to pay for a Jewish camp experience or other needs

Security Fund: Assistance to cover the expenses to have Security Officers and Equipment

ShFTY Donations: Donations for B'nai Zion Teen group

ShFTY Dues: Dues for the B'nai Zion Youth Group

Sisterhood Donations: Helps the Sisterhood provide gifts, flowers, and special needs for B'nai Zion

Sisterhood Dues: Dues to be a member of the B'nai Zion Sisterhood

Streaming Fund: Equipment and maintenance to provide streaming of worship services from B'nai Zion 

Torah Fund: Help to pay for new Kosher Torah Scrolls for B'nai Zion

**Wall of Honor: Add plaque to Wall of Honor for any special occasion or person
     Information and the form can be found HERE.

We Care: Provide food and comfort for our members at times of illness or mourning

Use a Form to Make Special Donations

These donations can only be made when completing specific forms:


Shabbat Services

To make a donation in memory of / honor of a person or event, to be announced at services, use

High Holy Days

To donate for High Holy Day flowers, please use

There is a suggested donation
of $18 per name read for
flower donations. 


Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques have the names of the deceased, and may include birthday and death day (Yahrzeit). The plaque is lit
five times each year:
- The week of the Yahrzeit
- Four Yizkor services

Having a Memorial Plaque ensures that the person you are honoring, will continue to have their name read for Kaddish each year.

There is a $500 minimum donation per plaque.


Wall of Honor Plaques

Plaques on the Wall of Honor can be to honor a special person or occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.).

The $250 minimum donation goes to the Endowment Fund at B'nai Zion to help ensure the financial future and stability of the congregation.


BZ Foundation

Use THIS FORM to contribute to the B'nai Zion Foundation, which helps cover major capital improvements.

BZ Brotherhood
Use THIS FORM to contribute to pay Brotherhood Dues for this year.

BZ Sisterhood
Use THIS FORM to contribute to pay Brotherhood Dues for this year.

Donate by Shopping

When you shop these merchants make donations to B'nai Zion. A percentage of each of your sales adds up to greater donations to B'nai Zion. See specific instructions about signing-up to connect B'nai Zion with your purchases. Contact the office if you need help.

Amazon Smile

Amazon donates .5% to B’nai Zion of every eligible purchase you make if you start your purchase at The first time you go to you need to choose “Bnai Zion Congregation” NOTE: there is no apostrophe in the word “Bnai” and be sure to pick the Bnai Zion Congregation that is in Shreveport, LA (there are many Bnai Zion Congregations in their list). After that, when you sign in to Amazon,
you should see: 

“Supporting Bnai Zion Congregation” under the search bar, as shown in the example below.

$1,088.24 total donations from Amazon Smile have been received as of August 2021.

Kroger Community Rewards

An easy way for B’nai Zion to continue to receive hundreds of dollars each year from Kroger store purchases is by registering in its Community Rewards Program. In order to help to earn money for B’nai Zion you must register or re-link online by going to: and enter B’nai Zion’s unique code number, WU918 or search for "B'nai Zion Congregation." If you do not have a computer, please come in or call the office and we will help register or re-link you for the program. 

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