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Sale of Chametz


The Torah lists commandments about chametz include not eating any during the entirety of Passover (seven or eight days [Exodus 13:13; 12:20; and Deut 16:3]  according to your tradition), but also includes prohibitions against possessing any chametz in your domain [Ex 12:19 & Deut 16:4], and a commandment to remove all chametz from one's home [Ex 12:15]. 

Rabbi Jana can help you sell any chametz in your possession - whether you know it is there or you do not - so that you may eat it after Passover is over. 

Please use the form below for Rabbi Jana to take care of it for you. 


KNOW YE that I fully empower and permit Rabbi Dr. Jana L. De Benedetti to act in my place and stead, and in my behalf to sell all CHAMETZ possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) defined as claimed by The Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. Chametz, doubt of Chametz, and all kinds of Chametz mixtures), as well as Chametz that tends to harden and to adhere to a surface of inside of pans, pots and cooking and usable utensils, and all kinds of live animals that have been eating Chametz or mixtures thereof, and to lease all places wherein the Chametz owned by me may be found, especially in the premises indicated below and elsewhere.

Rabbi Dr. Jana L. De Benedetti has the full right to sell and to lease by transactions, as she deems fit and proper and for such time which she believes necessary in accordance with all terms detailed in the general authorization contract which is in the possession of Rabbi Jana De Benedetti authorizing her to sell Chametz; on behalf of others.  (Please submit at least 3 days before Passover.  It is customary to include a tzedakah donation with the form).

(Minimum of $18 is suggested.
Any amount is accepted for this Mitzvah.)
Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784