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How to Make Donations Using the Donate or Pay Page

BE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED-IN to your B'nai Zion if you are a member, to ensure that the payment will apply correctly.
Arrow 1 at the top shows where you should see your name if you are logged-in, or where to click to log-in.

Click "DONATE OR PAY" on the navigation bar to go to the Donate or Pay page. You will see a page called: Online Payments.

If you owe money (for Dues, for example) the screen will show the amount and what it is for, and you would need to click "a donation."

Everyone should now see this screen:

To make a donation, find the field "Type" (see arrow 1) at the top and click on the arrow to the right of the field (see arrow 2), and you will see a long list of possible funds to choose from for donations. Scroll down to see all of the funds. 
NOTE: If you are trying to make a payment for Dues, or any other pledge - which you already owe - DO NOT use the drop down Donation section of the form. Instead, make sure that you are logged-in and you will see what you owe in the Payments section - not the Donations section.
FUND NOT LISTED: If you do not see a Fund name, it probably means that there is a special form that must be used to donate to that Fund. For example,
Flower Fund requires a special form instead of using the drop-down list. If you think that a Fund is missing, please contact the office before you use the form to make a donation.

DEDICATE THE DONATION: Dedicating a donation includes two things: 1) if someone is supposed to receive a notification that you made the donation; 2) if the donation is made in honor or memory, etc. of someone or some thing. 

Choose the Drop-down under Dedicate to fill-in the information about the specific dedication, and select the choice you want. (Note that this "drop-down" may actually go up instead of down, as in the picture below.) Depending on what you choose, you will then see more options.

This screen shows what the dedication details screen would look like:

EMAIL or ADDRESS DETAILS: If the person receiving the dedication is a member at B'nai Zion, we should already have the information on file. It is ok for you to click "Unknown." If we cannot find the information, we may contact you.

CLICK CONTINUE TO PAYMENT: If any information is required, you will see it marked in red before you will be able to proceed to the Confirm Payment screen. 

Confirm Payment;
SIP means that we are using ShulCloud to process the payment.
Payment Method: You can choose to enter your credit card or enter check details (from a regular check from your checkbook) to do an electronic check.
Convenience Fee: What B'nai Zion is charged to process the payment. You can choose to add it to your payment so that B'nai Zion does not pay the fee. In most cases the Convenience Fee is deductible when you make a donation (please consult with your accountant to confirm). 

Click Confirm and Continue to go to the final payment page where details for your payment type would be entered. Below is what the blank page shows to enter credit card details. 

Click PAY NOW at the bottom, and your Donation is complete. 

Contact the office if you have questions.

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyar 5784