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We celebrate Passover beginning with a Seder the first evening of Passover at B'nai Zion led by Rabbi Jana. Our Seders are catered (often by the Sisterhood) and enjoyable for everyone - regardless of age or background.

To attend use the online Passover Reservation form and pay online, or get the  printable form to the office with payment. Note that there are "Early Bird" prices, Regular prices, and Late prices. We appreciate your reservations as early as possible, but try to accommodate even last minute reservations.


Rabbi Jana will sell all of your chametz whether it is in your home, office, or vehicles. Use the online Sale of Chametz form and pay online, or get the  printable form to the office. Traditionally a donation is made to B'nai Zion to sell your chametz. The donation will be used to offset the cost of attending the Seder for anyone who requests financial assistance.


For more information about Passover, including our family-friendly  Haggadah, videos, Afikoman prizes, learning the Hebrew songs and more, go to this Passover page.


Beginning the second night of Passover we count the Omer - seven times seven weeks = 49 days until Shavuot. Two of Rabbi Jana's favorite Omer counters are:

Count the Omer with Hillel Smith's animated artwork. (Cool designs that blend the Hebrew letter with the number it represents.)

Count the Omer with Homer Simpson (D'oh - way better than you think - a great source of Omer information, and even some details about what's Jewish with the Simpsons.) 

*Note that these sites "reset" for the second night of Passover. If you go to them during the rest of the year, the count will show completed, because it is from last year.

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