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Count the Omer

From Passover through Shavuot

Beginning the second night of Passover we count the Omer - seven times seven weeks = 49 days until Shavuot. CLICK HERE for more details from the Reform Judaism website. There are many websites that help guide you through inspirations-a-day during the Omer. 

The B'nai Zion Calendar shows the Omer count. Note that the number shown actually begins the evening before. For example when it shows Monday, March 29 says, "1st Day Omer, which means it gets counted Sunday evening, March 28.

CLICK HERE to go to the Reform Judaism Omer page, with the blessing and more. 

There are apps for phones and other websites that can help with keeping this Mitzvah (commandment). Some of Rabbi Jana's favorite Omer counters are:


Counting Up: A Kindness-a-Day Sefirat HaOmer Workbook for Kids 
(by Sari Kopitnikoff).

Make the world a kinder place in 49 days. This is a pdf file to download and print.
NOTE: The title says it is for "kids" - everyone should try this.

Do It Yourself Omer Counters to Make with Your Family (from PJ Library). 


Count the Omer with Homer Simpson (D'oh - way better than you think - a great source of Omer information, and even some details about what's Jewish with the Simpsons.) 

*Note that these Omer sites and apps "reset" to begin the second night of Passover each year. If you look at them during the rest of the year, the count will show "completed," or something like that because it is from the previous year's Omer counting.


Count the Omer with Hillel Smith's animated artwork. (Cool animated designs that blend the Hebrew letter with the number it represents.)

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