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Find Previous Donation Amount

To see how much you have donated in the past for any given fund, such as Memorial Book, Foundation, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, etc.:

BE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED-IN to your B'nai Zion account. 

Go to MY ACCOUNT, and then
Go to My Transactions 

Click: "View All Transactions" below "Balance Today."


Date Range: Put a beginning and ending date from the year you want into the"Start" and  "End" fields to narrow your search.
For example, to look for the most recent Memorial Book donation, set the Start date for the beginning of July of last year, and the End date for the end of October of last year, as shown above. You can use the little calendar picture to the right of each field, or type in mm/dd/yyyy.
Be sure that the correct year you want is included in the Start and End dates. 

Type: Click in the box and select "Charges Only."

Only Open Items: Do NOT check this box (it would mean that you did not pay the amount you owed before.


Look for "Memorial Book." (In this example, only Memorial Book donations were made during that period). 
Note that under each Balance it says " Closed" which means that the amount owed for that has been paid in full. If it shows an amount in "My Balance" at the bottom of the screen, it is for any amounts owed - not specifically for anything during the searched time period. 

To find out how much was donated in other years, either expand the dates, or choose the same dates for other years. Unfortunately, there currently is no way for you to look up previous donations by fund instead of date.

Contact the office if you have questions.

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784