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Submit Mazel Tov News

Sharing Mazel Tov News

When there is an occasion for "Mazel Tov"
- for example, a birth, an engagement, a graduation, a wedding,
receiving an honor, etc. -
use this form to share it with the B'nai Zion family
&/or Rabbi Jana &/or anyone else you specify.

Who is Submitting this Form?
A confirmation email will be sent to this address. 

Submit the details about the Mazel Tov news. We will rely on your details when we share it, so please be careful about spelling, etc.

For example you might say: 

[Who is the Mazel Tov about:] Yale Rosen and Cole Evensky
[What is the Mazel Tov about:] Graduated Med School - are now Doctors
[Who is Kvelling:] Grandma Gloria Rosen, parents: Maurie & Lane Rosen and Lory & Larry Evensky
[Share with everyone]: Yes, with everyone
[More details:] They are doing their residencies now.

(Give as much or as little information as you would like. We will be in touch if we need to discuss how to announce the news.)

Put the person's name - the way you want it shared - of the person who is being honored.
Is it ok for us to share this news?
Put the details about what the person (people) did. 
If we cannot tell everyone, who can we tell?
Put the name(s) of who is especially proud (in Yiddish we call it "kvelling").
Are there extra details we should know, or questions you have for us?

Would you like to do a mitzvah and make a donation? (Optional)
It is a mitzvah to make donations to honor people. However, you do not need to make a donation to submit the form.

Use the donation field to enter an amount for your optional donation.

You are welcome to donate to whichever fund you prefer.

Once you click the "Submit" button below, you will be given options about how you want to make your payment.

If you do not want to make a donation, simply skip the information in the donation section. You do not need to select a fund or list an amount.
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