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The pandemic is an ever-changing situation that we are monitoring every day.
Our priority is the safety and well-being of our congregants.

We pray that you all stay safe during the pandemic. 
Please know that despite maintaining physical distance,
we are still here for you. Let us know if we can help you in any way.

CLICK HERE for the Louisiana Department of Health Coronavirus COVID-19 information.

CLICK HERE to see the recording of the Zoom Discussion about the
COVID-19 Virus and Vaccines
with Ricky De Benedetti, Ph.D. and Dave Kaufman, MD.

from Sunday, January 10. 

All B'nai Zion Congregation services and classes are currently online.
(Current guidelines are shown below.)

Office Hours
B'nai Zion will try to maintain office hours during the pandemic.
However, we encourage you to contact the office to try to
take care of business without having to come into the building.

Mask Regulations while at B’nai Zion.
In Compliance with CDC Guidelines:
  •While in public and at B'nai Zion, you should use a mask, or other face covering.
This includes indoor and outdoor spaces when you are near others who are not in your immediate household.

Services, Meetings, or Other Gatherings at B'nai Zion:

No meetings or services (2 people or more) within the building
until cases go below 5% positivity rate for more than 2 weeks in a row.
(Approved at Board Meeting October 2020)

Small, private services or meetings can be held at B'nai Zion with the approval of the Executive Committee and/or Rabbi.
(Approved at Board Meeting November 2020)

Pandemic Guidelines When Attending Services at B'nai Zion 
(Approved at Board Meeting October 2020)

    1. A Mask is to be worn properly at all times inside.
2. No gatherings while inside.  Please refrain from hugging / shaking hands.
3. Seating: Every other row and separated by six (6) feet on each row unless you are part of a family unit.  No one will sit in the first three (3) mobile pews.
4. The CDC recommends seven (7) days is ample time to not have to sanitize.  The Sanctuary has been empty for six (6) Months.  Services being every seven (7) days, we recommend our routine weekly cleaning will be sufficient.
5. Enter and Exit: The Sanctuary door on the far right will be propped open for entering and the same on the other side for exiting the Sanctuary.
6. Rabbi will enter and exit the back door and remain on the bimah (pulpit).
7. Hand Sanitizer Stations (to include gel and wipes) to be scattered around the entry way and at the entrance of the two (2) open rest rooms in the hallway.  (The large restrooms will be closed to discourage more than one person at a time).
8. Reservations:  Reservations are highly recommended.  A reservation would be made by email or telephone.
9. Someone from the reservation list will be asked ahead of time to gently remind those who are forgetting to “play by the rules.”
10. If there is any doubt you are feeling ill, (if you have to think about it), out of respect for others, please make the decision not to attend. 

Resources from the Union of Reform Judaism: 
Covid-19 : Judaism Under Quarantine

Wed, May 5 2021 23 Iyar 5781