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Wondering: About Freedom

Passover begins two weeks from tonight. It is a holiday that is celebrated by more Jewish families than any other. It represents many things, but this year we are especially celebrating Spring and Freedom. The springtime brings us desires to be outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather. There are birds and blossoms all around. Today is not only the first day of April, but tonight begins the first day of the "Month of Spring" on the Jewish calendar. 

This is the month when we are supposed to celebrate Passover. I think that after two years of being confined and restricted for Passover, we have a new sense of what it means to be free. I do not want to say that being confined in our homes, or having to wear masks to protect ourselves and each other in any way is similar to being slaves. However, we may be better able to understand what it means to be constricted by forces beyond our control, and what it means to finally be free from them. 

There are so many things going on in the world this year that make us appreciate our freedoms, and influence us to be understanding of others' freedom - and lack of freedom. Passover has always been a holiday that has influenced me to think about other people's suffering - and other people's joys. I appreciate the Jewish role in helping others: whether it is just to answer questions, or to make an effort to be understanding, and actively help pursue freedom.

This week I am wondering: Do you have a new understanding about Freedom this year? In what ways will this "Night be different than all other nights" for you as you celebrate Passover this year? As we begin preparing for Passover and the Seder, are there new questions you are thinking about this year? In what ways are you inspired to help others?

CLICK HERE to go to the B'nai Zion Passover page. I am updating the page frequently with new information for this year, but some things won't change. Watch for services, resources to learn the Hebrew, printable Haggadot (this year's Haggadah is not quite done, but will be soon), there is a video to learn the four questions, Yizkor list, Omer counters, and more. 

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Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782