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Wondering: What About COVID?

Trying to keep the congregation safe during a pandemic is one of the most difficult and stressful things I have ever experienced. The amount of information online is overwhelming  - and often not very clear. Some people are making decisions based on what is best for others, but some people are thinking about what they think is best for them. For most people, those two attitudes produce the same results. I get frustrated when those two options seem to contradict each other.

Some people have spoken to me about what they think about the pandemic. Some of those ideas have changed. I believe that the vast majority of our congregation is vaccinated. I do know that the majority of our congregation consists of people who are especially vulnerable if they were to catch it with dangerous results. 

You obviously do not have to tell me, but I don't even know everyone who has had the virus and survived. I do hear from some people that they have had it - for some it was a miserable thing, and for others it was very mild. Some people have had it more than once already - even though they are vaccinated and boostered. 

Other congregations (actually, in the Reform Movement most congregations) are getting details about their congregants before allowing them into situations where they are with other people. Our congregation currently relies on everyone's consideration to do what is best. We do not want to stop having in-person services, but we want to keep people safe. During this spike in COVID infections and hospitalizations we have shifted from saying that masks are optional for those who are vaccinated, to saying that we recommend that everyone in the building wear a mask, and are vaccinated if you are at B'nai Zion, and anyone who is not vaccinated is encouraged to participate with our online options.

This week I am wondering: What has been your experience with COVID? Did you get it? How did it affect you when you or friends/family get it? What do you do to stay safe (masks? vaccines? stay home?) Do you have criteria about how you make your decisions about being in-person? What is your opinion about what we should do at B'nai Zion? What can we do to help you through this?

Obviously I strongly believe that being with the B'nai Zion congregation is one of the best ways to find strength and comfort in difficult situations. It has been so very difficult to try to find ways to do that and keep people safe at the same time. In my heart I believe that we are getting closer to a time when this virus will not be a dangerous threat. Will it be in time for Purim? Passover? I certainly hope so!

I have truly enjoyed getting to hear from people about these "Wonderings."  You are always welcome to respond to any of the questions I have asked by calling or emailing, no matter how long ago the question was originally posed. You can also choose to keep your replies totally private, and not be posted on the Responses page. I always try to remove personal / identifying details when I do post the replies. 

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Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782