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Wondering: Who Am I Going to Call?

There are times when I need to know who to call about you. It would be helpful to have a record for each congregant that includes the details I will need to call in important situations. Also, your primary contact needs to know to get in touch with me. 

It used to be that if, G-d forbid, someone was in the hospital, I could call the operator there and ask something like, "Got any Jews?" For many years now the only way I can know if someone is in the hospital is if they give permission to let their Rabbi know - and specifically ask to contact the Rabbi.  Obviously, if someone has family who knows the situation, the family member should contact me. I know that sometimes people do not want a visitor (and during the pandemic I wasn't allowed to visit), but along with anti-biotics, or whatever the doctor prescribes, prayers might help. And visits from me might help too, even if no other visitors are requested.

Of course, another situation when I need to know who to call is when someone dies. In this situation, I should be one of the first calls made. I can help with details about contacting a funeral home, prepping the body, the funeral/memorial service, etc. 

You should make decisions about  what you want if you are in the hospital, and what you want after you die. It would be helpful if I could have the details on record. Sometimes when we are in a situation, it is difficult for the individual to let us know. We cannot plan for every situation, but it helps to have an idea.

I am Wondering, when a situation occurs where a Rabbi can be helpful, what are your requests? Who do you want me to speak with about details? You can write to me at your convenience, or we can talk about it. Please let me know.

Obviously since my question requests primarily personal information, I will not post responses on the Wonderings page. However, if you have suggestions about resources, or other ideas that you want to share, I am happy to share that as part of the Responses page for this Wondering.

To send me your thoughts about this Wondering or any of the previous ones, you are welcome to reply to this email.

Remember that you can find previous Wondering questions and answers HERE. I appreciate everyone who has responded to my questions. It has been wonderful to be having discussions with you about the Wonderings.

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782