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Wondering: What Kind of Techno-Jew are You?

My grandmother used to say that the phone is there for your convenience - you do not have to be there for the convenience of the phone. Can you believe that there was a time when I did not want a smart phone, because I did not want email and phone calls to find me 24/7? 

Now technology is part of almost everything we do. I am glad that I have a smart phone that can tell me the time, and the weather, and people's birthdays, and keeps my shopping list, gives me directions, lets me play games - and so much more!

I use technology to help me with Jewish things all the time: I look up information, and read Torah commentaries, I listen to lectures, and watch the latest Jewish music videos. I find gifts, and easy ways to give tzedakah. I stay in touch with my congregants. The list goes on and on...

This week I am wondering: What ways has technology helped you be Jewish? 

During the pandemic technology helped me be able to teach classes and have services. This question is not intended to be about the pandemic (although you are welcome to include things that you found helpful about technology during the last two years, if you want.) Has technology helped you be Jewish in any way? 

To send me your thoughts about this Wondering or any of the previous ones, you are welcome to reply to this email.

Remember that you can find previous Wondering questions and answers HERE. It has been wonderful to be having discussions with you about the Wonderings.

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782