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Wondering: Did Jew Know?

A number of years ago I had a column in the bulletin that I called "Did Jew Know?" It included a variety of challenging questions about Jewish things. For example, I would put pictures of Jewish ritual items that people may not have seen before, or details about Jewish life that few people might know. 

Recently congregants have asked me questions about Jewish life that made me think that perhaps there are topics about Jewish information that you would want to know about. For example, did you know ("Did Jew Know") that the World Series that recently ended may be considered the "most Jewish in history" (see THIS article). Did you know that this week we commemorated the anniversary of Kristallnacht - when more than 7,500 Jewish businesses were destroyed and 30,000 Jewish men were arrested? (See THIS page as one source for more details.)

This week I am wondering: what kinds of Jewish information do you find interesting? Are there Jewish subjects that you would like to learn more about? Are there subjects about Jewish things that you know a lot about? Would you be interested in sharing your knowledge? Would you be interested in Jewish trivia? Please let me know.

This Friday night during our 6pm Zoom Welcome Shabbat we will get a chance to examine a few questions about Jewish knowledge - you are welcome to test what you know, or submit your own. 

I am also curious to know if there are subjects that you would want to learn about that could be turned into sermons or classes that I could offer - or if you want to offer something. 

To send me your thoughts about this Wondering or any of the previous ones, you are welcome to reply to this email.

Remember that you can find previous Wondering questions and answers HERE. It has been wonderful to be having discussions with you about the Wonderings.

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782