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Wondering about Jewish Heroes

The first night of Hanukkah is November 28 - just a few days after Thanksgiving! 

I spoke about Hanukkah today for a recording of the program "About Faith" which will air on Red River Radio later this month. Actually, there is one I am on about "Grateful Heart" that will air 1pm Sunday, November 7, and the one I recorded today will air 1pm Sunday, November 21. Today's program included Father Jason Foster (an Orthodox priest) who spoke about his pre-Christmas traditions they will observe this month, Ashish Modi, who spoke about the origins and symbolism of the Hindu holiday of Diwali (which is going on now), and I spoke about Hanukkah.

Having to tell the Hanukkah story this many weeks before the holiday made me think about Jewish heroes. Many people include the Maccabees among the historical Jewish heroes. I told the story (although I think I forgot to mention her name) of Judith who used salty cheese and wine to defeat the enemy commander. 

This week I am wondering who do you consider to be a Jewish hero? Is there anyone who you met, or someone from history, or who you know about but have not met who has inspired you? It could be from politics, the military, sports, entertainment, your family, a special rabbi... anyone. I would love to know who inspires you and why. Please let me know who is (or who are) your Jewish Hero(es). 

To send me your thoughts about this Wondering or any of the previous ones, you are welcome to reply to this email.

Remember that you can find previous Wondering questions and answers HERE. It has been wonderful to be having discussions with you about the Wonderings.

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782