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Wondering about Arguing with G-d

This week I am wondering: What makes you argue with G-d? Are there times when you challenge G-d? Do you think that G-d challenges you?

In the Torah portion this week, we read about Abraham challenging G-d when G-d is about to destroy cities. We also seem to see Abraham not challenging G-d when asked to sacrifice his son. 

I love that the Torah gives us examples of situations when people seem to "argue with" G-d. I appreciate that it means there is interaction with G-d. 

Do you think that we can argue with G-d? Do you argue with G-d? Do you feel that you can convince G-d to change? 

We hear the story of Abraham and the "Binding of Isaac" every year at the High Holy Days. I would love to hear what you think about the kind of interaction that G-d had with Abraham in the story. I would love to know if you would have done things differently, or if you have had other situations that seemed like challenges that made you want to challenge G-d. 


Remember that you can find previous Wondering questions and answers HERE. I love that people are still sending me answers to some of the previous questions. It has been wonderful to be having discussions with you about the Wonderings.

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782