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Wondering - Which Little Change?

Thank you to everyone who answered my email last week about your favorite things about the High Holy Days. I have a new page on the website called “Wonderings” where I have posted the replies. I did not identify people (there are no names) with the answers. Maybe this time, if you are ok with me sharing your name, you could let me know. I think it is fine to keep these anonymous, yet knowing that they are all from our congregants. You may be able to guess who shared which thoughts, but even if you do not, I think you will enjoy reading what other people said.

Today I am wondering about change. We are in a period on the Jewish calendar when we are supposed to be looking at ourselves and how our year went, and see what we could change. It is important to believe that things can change. I love that in Judaism we are taught that we are responsible for the world, each other, and ourselves. During this period we are trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. We know that some things need to be changed. Sometimes we need to fix things caused by bad choices, and sometimes we just want/need to fix things.

When I think about things that should be changed, it honestly is often overwhelming. I am one person – how do I change the world? I am one person with limited resources, how to I help everyone who needs help? I am me, and trying to take care of everything – how do I take care of myself?

What I am wondering about for this week is what does one person do to help make change? I can’t fix the world’s problems, but I know I have to try. What I do believe is that I can make a small change, and it could help. I believe in the “ripple.” I have watched ripples from small changes make a difference in people, for people and in the world.

Can you share an idea for a small change that you have done or can do that could help make a ripple that could make a change? It could be something about yourself (what small change could you do to get better sleep, or eat better, or exercise more, etc.); or others (what small change could you do to help students succeed better, or someone who is hungry get food, etc.), or the world (what small change could you do to help… you get the picture)?

Obviously, the first thing that people would change about the world is the pandemic. I do not want this Wonderings to be about the pandemic.

I think that there are a few ways to think about small changes. It could be an example of doing something small for a period of time that may eventually reap bigger benefits. It could be about knowing that doing even a small thing, you really can make a difference.

It would be wonderful if your idea could help others with small changes. It is one of the ways that small changes can make a big difference.

Right now I am still working on the High Holy Day services – what should be changed and what should not. Which changes are big and which are small changes. Some things we have been doing the same ways for as long as we can remember – and some things are new. I am hoping that these changes turn into meaningful High Holy Day experiences for you. Please keep watching the website, your emails, and listen to the OneCalls for more details. Or email me back, and I will answer your questions.

May you be inscribed for a sweet, healthy, and safe new year.

Rabbi Jana

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782