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Wednesday Wonderings - Will you Write back?

Did you know that B'nai Zion currently has more than 170 households with more than 270 adult members?

I would love to be able to speak with you each individually to hear what you think about a variety of things, but there aren't enough hours in the week to have that many phone conversations. I do try to call periodically, but sometimes email is easier. 

I thought that perhaps I could ask you a question - possibly each week - and would hope that you would answer me by email. 

This week I am obviously thinking a lot about the High Holy Days. I am working on ways to make them meaningful. I can't believe that we are still trying to do this during a pandemic, and that the numbers of people testing positive and people in the hospital in our community are high. We are going to continue to monitor the situation. Currently we expect that most people will stay home and watch the services on YouTube and visit on Zoom. We plan to stream our services. The choir and soloist will be pre-recording their parts. The services will be not as long as usual.  My question this week is not about High Holy Days during a pandemic. I am happy to hear what you think, if you want to write back and tell me. 

This week I want to know what your favorite part of the High Holy Days is. Is it apples and honey? Hearing the shofar? Big meal with the family? Awesome services? Memories of being with grandparents? Surviving the fast? Breaking the fast? Specific prayers? Favorite sermon? 

I really hope that you take a moment and let me know. 

I wish you a sweet and healthy new year.

Rabbi Jana

[Responses can be read HERE]

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782