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Jewish Dinosaurs

Rabbi Jana

Every year I have visited the children from Shreveport who go to Jewish sleepaway camps - especially Henry S. Jacobs URJ Camp in Utica, Mississippi. A few times I have been able to go for a few days and help at the camp. Most of the time I arrive just before lunch, visit with the the campers and staff from Shreveport, take a picture with everyone from here, and go home. They are always excited to see me. I ask them about their favorite part of camp. I leave before they remember that they are homesick - that is a joke. They are excited to see me and do have favorite parts of camp, and if they are homesick I get to talk to them about that too. 

This year we have children who are attending a variety of Jewish camps, including the Young Judaea camp in Texas, the Conservative movement's Camp Ramah, there are two teens who are on a trip to Israel, and most of our children are going to Henry S. Jacobs. This year, because of precautions about COVID-19, no one is allowed to visit camp. We were encouraged to write to them. I recently sent each camper a personalized letter that included this joke:

Q: Why shouldn't you wrestle a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
A: Because he is a "saur" loser 
A: Also, he would eat you

I also told them that the joke made me think about what a Jewish dinosaur would be like. I created two Jewish dinosaurs and challenged them to either create their own dinosaurs, creative names for Jewish dinosaurs, stories, songs - whatever. Of course, I included a stamped, pre-addressed postcard for them to send back to me. 

These are mine:


If you can think of Jewish dinosaurs - I would love for you to share them with me.

I also may need some new jokes to send them. I heard one yesterday that I may use next:

Q: What is the best time on the clock?
A: 6:30 - hands down!

Wed, June 29 2022 30 Sivan 5782