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What Day Comes Before Today?

In Hebrew there is a word for tomorrow (machar) and a word for the day after tomorrow (mochrotayim). There are also words for yesterday (etmol), and the day before yesterday (shilshom). 

There is something about this quarantine/ stay at home period that makes me feel like I am losing touch with what day it is. I feel like the English language (or Hebrew, for that matter) could use a word that means something like: I know it was a day before today, but I can't remember if it was yesterday, or before that. Any suggestions? How about: "yestermaybe."

I do not like to think about this, but perhaps we need a word for a day that will come after today, but we aren't sure what day it will be - for example, the day when we can stop having to stay at home. Any suggestions? Maybe I will think of one... Someday.

Mon, November 30 2020 14 Kislev 5781