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Info for BZ Members

06/10/2021 01:46:12 PM


Dear B'nai Zion Member,

Sometimes we send email to members and non-members, but this time we have information and questions that we are only sending to Members. 

First, a question: what do you think are the best parts about being a Member of B'nai Zion? If someone asked you what are the benefits you get from membership, what would you say? 

Second, a warning: we want you to watch for possible scams that claim that they are Rabbi Jana or B'nai Zion asking for things. We believe we have all of the security options in place to prevent anyone from using our email addresses, but we hope that you are cautious - if you ever get an email that claims to be from us and it is asking for something strange, like gift cards, or whatever - please check with us first. 

Third, information: B'nai Zion has a number of our children attending summer camps (most are going to Henry S. Jacobs). Rabbi Jana likes to visit every session - and get a picture with all of the Shreveport kids. Due to the safeguards in place this year regarding the pandemic, no visitors are allowed at all. Instead the camp suggests sending cards or letters. If you want to send a card or letter for our campers, please get in touch with Rabbi Jana. 

Speaking of Camp, the Jewish Federation's Camp Chai will take place the last week of July and the first week of August. Information and registration form can be found HERE. The deadline for campers to register is July 9. In addition to campers, they are also looking for staff - and people who are willing to spend some time working with the campers for other specialty things. For example, would you like to teach campers how to cook, or paint, or dance, or how to make something, or do something - that you can show them. Whether you can spend an hour once or daily, go to this page for information or to apply to be staff or a specialist.

Upcoming Events

Details about all of these events can be found by clicking on the event name. You can also go to the B'nai Zion Events page. Did you know that there are copies of recent emails on the BZ BitZ page. We appreciate all of the feedback we get about our website.

Biblical Hebrew (Zoom Class): Rabbi Jana is teaching Biblical Hebrew on Zoom tonight. - Thursday, June 10 5:30pm-6:30pm

Shabbat Evening Service (In Person & YouTube) & Zoom Oneg Shabbat: Tonight will be a casual Shabbat Evening Service led by Rabbi Jana. Masks are optional for people who are vaccinated. The service will be streamed on the B'nai Zion YouTube channel. We plan to have a Zoom Oneg Shabbat after the service. The service will begin 6 pm, and the Zoom Oneg Shabbat will begin about half an hour after the service ends (7:30ish)
Shabbat Candle lighting time for Shreveport for this Shabbat is 8:04pm

KID-dush Shabbat: “Kiddush Shabbat” is the “Sanctification of Shabbat.” “KID-dush Shabbat” is a fun way for children to celebrate Shabbat. Children and their families (and anyone who enjoys not having to sit still during services) love Rabbi Jana's fun Shabbat morning experiences. - Saturday, June 12 9:00am-9:30am

In Person and Zoom Torah Study & Shabbat Morning Service: Torah Study (9:45-11 AM) and Shabbat Morning Service (11AM-12 PM) Saturday. The Torah Study discusses the portion of the week. No text or prep required. Shabbat service begins around 11 AM, Prayerbook is on screen. Please register for details about how to attend in person or on Zoom. - Saturday, June 12 9:45am-12:00pm
Shabbat ends 9:04pm

6:13 on 6/13 for 613 on Zoom: Celebrate the 613 Mitzvot (commandments) by getting together for a Zoom social gathering on 6/13 (Sunday, June 13) at 6:13 PM. Rabbi Jana may share some Mitzvot challenges and discussions This is our fourth annual 613 social gathering. We can spend some time together, and appreciate the 613 Mitzvot. - Sunday, June 13 6:00pm

We will be observing the following Yahrzeits this Friday and Saturday during services:

June 6-12

6/08    Randolph Charles Bailey
6/12    Leroy Bailey
6/08    Kurt Braun
6/08    Barbara Lane Bronner 21-11
6/12    Erzsi Nagy Deutsch 22-20
6/11    Ethel Willer Eltis
6/07    Bessie W. Friedenthal
6/10    Sadie Friedman 13-14
6/07    Walter L. Gerson 23-10
6/12    Matthew Gold
6/10    Alfred Hyman
6/10    Alexander Benjamin Maisel 33-16
6/12    Helene Rabe Meyer 32-23
6/12    Dr. Lawrence Joseph Planchard
6/07    Julia E. Rutman
6/07    Hilda W. Woolbert 25-07
6/06  *Stephen Wright

Did you know that you can order and pay for a lighted Memorial Plaque online? CLICK HERE

If you want to make a donation for flowers to be read (in memory of someone or to honor an occasion or a person), use THIS FORM.

For other donations, or to make payments for dues, etc. CLICK HERE.


Have a great week!

Sun, June 13 2021 3 Tammuz 5781