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Happy Passover!

03/26/2021 11:22:55 AM


You know the question: Why is this night different from all other nights? This year my Seder theme is: Why is this Seder different from all other Seders? For many people we are still separated from our families, because of the pandemic. Last year we were not supposed to gather. This year we have in-person services that also include online options for joining. Last year I knew almost nothing about Zoom, this year I have Zoomed almost every day, and now have tricks and techniques to make it feel like we are truly visiting with people near and far. Go to the B'nai Zion Passover Page, or my HebrewDoc Passover Page, and read below for resources that can help you with selling your Chametz, the Seder, the Holy Days, Counting the Omer, fun things about Passover, and more. Don't forget to listen to the Red River Radio Passover programs. If you need Passover food, Albertsons has a sale already, and you can still also find things at the Kroger on Ellerbe.

Reply to this email if you have any other questions, or have more resources to share.

Shabbat Shalom, and
have a zissen and kosher Pesach! (a "sweet and kosher Passover")
and I will add that I hope it is healthy and meaningful.

Rabbi Jana

Shabbat Evening Service: Shabbat Evening Service led by Rabbi Jana. Attendance in person requires wearing a mask and social distancing. The service will be streamed on the B'nai Zion YouTube channel. - Friday, March 26 6:00pm-7:00pm
Oneg Shabbat on Zoom after Shabbat Evening Service: An opportunity to visit and say Motzi together after Shabbat evening service. We will try to do a Zoom Oneg Shabbat after the in person / YouTube-streamed service. Please use the form to receive Zoom access information. - Friday, March 26 7:30pm-8:30pm (The Zoom will start as soon as Rabbi Jana gets home and starts the Zoom Room.
Zoom Torah Study & Shabbat Morning Service: Torah Study (9:45-11 AM) and Shabbat Morning Service (11AM-12 PM) Saturday. The Torah Study discusses the portion of the week. No text or prep required. Shabbat service begins around 11 AM, Prayerbook is on screen. We will be "gathering" on Zoom. - Saturday, March 27 9:45am-12:00pm

B'nai Zion has congregants who celebrate Passover for 8 days, so they would have two Seders: this year they would be on Saturday night and Sunday. 


HAGGADAH BOOK: Rabbi Jana has created a Haggadah that you can use at your Passover table. It is not long, but includes what is needed for the Seder. It also includes questions to consider. It is in pdf form, so that it can be printed or read on your phone, tablet or computer. It even includes the complicated Havdalah for Passover. CLICK HERE for the pdf of Rabbi Jana's Haggadah book.

HAGGADAH SLIDE SHOW: Rabbi Jana has also created a Haggadah in slide show format that you can use in person or share online. It is in pdf format (if you are printing the slides, it would be best to print a few slides per page), but works as a slide show on your electronic devices. It works great when shared on Zoom. It has been setup to allow people to get through the whole Seder - and THEN eat (or eat before). She is doing a Zoom Seder with people from many time zones, and we do not have to watch each other eat, but can share the Seder. It is easy to use this Haggadah either way - with the meal in the middle or not during the Seder. CLICK HERE for the slide show Haggadah.

Sign up to Join Rabbi Jana's Passover Seder on Zoom: First night of Passover Seder led by Rabbi Jana on Zoom. Rabbi Jana has prepared a special interactive online Haggadah designed especially to be able to visit with each other on Zoom. We can view each other's Seder plates - or just appreciate the ones that people have in their homes. Instead of having a meal in the middle of the evening, we will have a modified Haggadah to allow each home to eat after we are done with our Seder. Please use the form to register and receive Zoom details and links to the Haggadot. No fee to attend, but donations in honor of Passover are appreciated. - Saturday, March 27 7:00pm-8:00pm

Passover First Day Holy Day / Yom Tov: The First Day of Passover is a Yom Tov (Holy Day) according to the Torah. The service will be in the B'nai Zion sanctuary and on Zoom (register to attend). Attendance in person requires wearing a mask and social distancing. Words for the service will be provided on screen. - Sunday, March 28 11:00am-12:30pm

COUNTING THE OMER: The counting of the Omer (7 x 7 weeks until Shavuot) begins Sunday evening, March 28. The B'nai Zion calendar shows the Omer count. Note that the number shown actually begins the evening before. Monday, March 29 says, "1st Day Omer, which means it gets counted Sunday evening. Go to the B'nai Zion COUNT THE OMER page for more details, and cool/fun information about counting the Omer. 

OMER SONG CHALLENGE: I saw that one congregation was doing a challenge to try to find a different melody for L'cha Dodi for every day of the Omer. I like the idea, but I think I will try to find a different melody of Hinei Mah Tov (I know many), but if we run out of those, I will keep trying to post other Jewish songs. Do you know melodies of Hinei Mah Tov that you want to share (or have me share)? I will begin posting songs Sunday evening on the B'nai Zion YouTube page. 

Simcha Shabbat & Yizkor in the Sanctuary at B'nai Zion and streamed on YouTube: Join us for Simcha Shabbat when we celebrate and honor everyone with birthdays or anniversaries this month. We will also include a Memorial Service / Yizkor for the end of Passover. If you choose to attend in person, you must wear a mask, and stay appropriately distanced from other worshippers. The service is also being streamed live on YouTube. We will try to have a Zoom Oneg Shabbat at 7:30pm. - Friday, April 2 6:00pm-7:00pm

Passover Final Morning and Yizkor Services : The Last Day of Passover is a Yom Tov (Holy Day) according to the Torah. It is also a day when we commemorate Yizkor, and remember all of our loved ones who have died. B'nai Zion will have in-person and online service. We will use the Memorial Books that were first used for Yom Kippur. Attendance in person requires wearing a mask and social distancing. - Saturday, April 3 11:00am-12:30pm

2021 Van Thyn Memorial Lecture Zoom Webinar: Nico Van Thyn will share his parents' (Rose and Louis Van Thyn) stories of survival, the challenges his family faced starting a new life in Shreveport, and the dangerous resurgence of anti-Semitism today. Based on his book, "Survivors: 62511, 70726 - Two Holocaust stories from Amsterdam to Auschwitz to America." Part of Centenary College's Van Thyn Memorial Lecture Series. Register in advance for Zoom at - Thursday, April 8 6:30pm-7:30pm

Honoring Harriette Glazer During Shabbat Evening Service: We will honor Harriette Glazer during Shabbat Evening Service. Harriette has been an extremely important part of the B'nai Zion family for decades. - Friday, April 9 6:00pm-7:00pm

KID-dush Shabbat:  “KID-dush Shabbat” is a fun way for children and families to celebrate Shabbat.. - Saturday, April 10 9:00am-9:30am. Watch for details about joining in-person and online.

Holocaust Remembrance Service: To honor the lives that were lost during one of humanity’s worst moments, our community remembers the Holocaust with an annual ecumenical service. Through our remembering and active cooperation, we strive to obliterate injustice. This service will be live-streamed. Only the participants in the service (competition winners, candle lighters, etc.), will be in person. - Sunday, April 11 3:00pm-4:30pm

April 30 is the deadline for purchasing cemetery plots at B'nai Zion before the price increase. USE THIS FORM to submit a request to purchase cemetery plots. 

Shredding at B'nai Zion: Note that the date of the shredding at B'nai Zion has changed. It will be one week after the deadline for filing personal tax returns, which is now in May. 


Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782