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Bar Mitzvah Tonight / Order Passover Treats / Passover Options / Shredding at BZ Info / and more

03/19/2021 03:14:50 PM


Announcements & Upcoming Events


Reed Turner Bar Mitzvah Shabbat Evening Service: Reed Turner will help lead the service and will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah at the Shabbat Evening Service. Attendance in person requires wearing a mask and social distancing. The service will be streamed on the B'nai Zion YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube. - Friday, March 19 6:00pm-7:30pm We will not be having a Zoom Oneg Shabbat after service this evening.
*7:08p Candle Lighting

Zoom Torah Study & Shabbat Morning Service: Torah Study (9:45-11 AM) and Shabbat Morning Service (11AM-12 PM) Saturday. The Torah Study discusses the portion of the week. No text or prep required. Shabbat service begins around 11 AM, Prayerbook is on screen. We will be "gathering" on Zoom. - Saturday, March 20 9:45am-12:00pm
*8:08p Havdalah

*These are for you to know traditional times when Shabbat candles are to be lit, and when Shabbat ends. Unless otherwise shown, B'nai Zion does not have an event scheduled for these. If you have questions about how to observe these events, please contact Rabbi Jana.


Passover begins Saturday evening, March 27. We are not having a Congregation in-person Seder. We will have in-person and online services in the Sanctuary for first day of Passover 11 AM Sunday, March 28, and a Yizkor / end of Passover service 11 AM Saturday, April 3. We will also include Yizkor / Memorial Service as part of the Friday evening service 6 PM April 2. We will use the Memorial Books that were first used for Yom Kippur 5781. The names of the loved ones who died this year who were connected to B'nai Zion can be found HERE.

Passover food is currently available for purchase at Albertsons (Kings Hwy and Southfield) and the Kroger on Ellerbee. 


Liz Dickson will make her amazing delicious flourless treats
that you can order and pickup from B'nai Zion
flourless chocolate cakes ($20 each)
and meringues ($2 each). 
Deadline for orders is 2pm Wednesday, March 24. 
Pick-up Friday, March 26 before 2pm (call ahead, please). 
These are the same treats that we had served at Congregation Seders

People have different traditions about keeping Kosher for Passover. Please note:
These treats do NOT contain chametz.
However, they are NOT being prepared in a Kosher for Passover kitchen.

- If you would like to join a Zoom Seder with Rabbi Jana, please REPLY to this email. It seems that eveyone already has plans and is not relying on a Zoom Seder. Let her know if you are hoping to do a Zoom Seder with her instead of other plans.
- If you would like copies of Rabbi Jana's Haggadah, please REPLY to this email. You can choose a pdf or printed copies.
- If you would like to borrow copies of other Haggadot, please REPLY to this email.
- If you would like a copy of Rabbi Jana's Zoom-friendly slide show Haggadah, please REPLY to this email.
- If you need any other assistance for Passover, please REPLY to this email.
Include in the email the details of what you would like Rabbi Jana to help do for you to be able to have a wonderful Passover Seder.


Friday April 9 we will Honor Harriette Glazer during 6 pm Shabbat Evening Services. 

Shredding at B'nai Zion April 21 Deadline: B'nai Zion has arranged for shredding almost any type of confidential material (Paper, Plastic, Fabric, Metals, Magnetic media, CDs and DVDs, Hard drives, X-rays, Microfilm, ID badge, and more). Please bring whatever needs to be shredded by Wednesday April 21. BZ is requesting an $18 donation for the first banker’s box size box, and $10 per box or batch beyond the first. A shredding truck will come to BZ to respect your privacy and ensure a secure shredding of all paper. If you need to request a drop-off time before 9 am or after 2 pm, please contact the office for special arrangements. All money donated for shredding will help offset our Security budget. - Wednesday, April 21 8:00am-2:00pm

Yahrzeits Being Read This Week
We are reading the names for Kaddish during the online services each week.
May their memory be a blessing:
March 14-20
3/15    Eva Allen
3/15    Susan Ann Benon
3/20    Sara David
3/20    Donna Dunn
3/18    Aaron Freedman 12-18
3/17    Samuel Allen Freyer
3/15    Grace Ferris Harris
3/20    Milton S. Holland, Sr.
3/18    Bertha Hart Lahourcade
3/19    Bertha Loeb 13-23
3/14    Mamie P. Lustberg
3/18  *Herman Imy Marcus
3/16    Edward Morris
3/15    Oscar Pincus
3/14    Minnie River
3/19    Sylvia Rubin
3/20    Todd Andrew Shepard 31-03
3/19    Albert Sklar 
*Indicates deceased is a veteran.

Contact the office for changes.

Numbers after name indicate location of Memorial Plaque. Use this form to order a Memorial Plaque.

Use this form to donate for Sisterhood flowers - must be received the Wednesday before they are announced. Flowers are used to adorn Shabbat service (even online) , and then are given to someone special.

May their memories be a blessing


Cemetery Plots Price Increase May 1, 2021:  The cost of purchasing cemetery plots in the B'nai Zion Cemetery will be increasing soon. (The price has not increased for decades.)
Currently the price is
$500 per plot for B'nai Zion Members ($1,000 for Non-members).
The prices will increase as of May 1, 2021 to
$800 per plot for Members (and $1,600 per plot for Non-members).
If you are interested in discussing purchasing plots at the B'nai Zion section of Greenwood Cemetery (on Stoner Avenue), please use this form (as always, it would be helpful if you were logged in first) and you will be contacted by someone from the Cemetery Committee. 


Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782